Winning Teams

Yes- you can save your marriage, you can grow a successful business together, you can spend more quality time doing what you enjoy, and you can spend more time being present in your children’s lives!

Read on to learn:

  • Why conventional marriage counseling is basically useless for couples engaged in an entrepreneurial adventure.
  • The little-known strategies to discovering, appreciating & recognizing your SO’s (Significant Other) gifts, talents, and abilities without allowing competition to wreak havoc in your life
  • How to increase relationship satisfaction, thrive in business, and experience better work/life balance without years of therapy
  • What never to do when engaged in an entrepreneurial adventure with your SO
  • How business coaches and masterminds have it all wrong when it comes to couplepreneurs
  • Why love isn’t enough. How to create a united vision & purpose
  • 10 myths almost everyone believes that will destroy your working relationship
  • The fastest way to synergize your unique skill sets for maximum efficiency, effectiveness & impact
  • We all know that eradicating communication problems can lessen emotional meltdowns and increase business productivity, but did you know the best time to talk about improving communication is actually after a beautiful dinner? Here is the conversation starter that helps guarantee real progress. “I want to make sure we’re on the same page with ____ and that we’re both working towards a solution. Can we set some specific goals and action steps that we can both commit to in order to address this issue? I realize we may not solve everything in one fail swoop, so can we schedule a follow-up conversation in a week/month to check in on our progress and make adjustments if needed.”

this is us…

We are Justin & Charylle. After spending nearly 3 decades working with my husband and living a life of joy, partnership, and love, I decided to write a book to help others create their own happily ever after too. I received such a great response to the rough draft that what started as a book soon morphed into the Winning Teams Program.